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The Story of Siegfried

About the Project

This book has a special place in my heart. I acquired this book at an estate sale, where many jewels lay hidden among the piles of old books and manuscripts. It is not often that something like this is found at estate sales, but when they are it’s truly a treasure.

The Story of Siegfried, Old Norse Sigurðr, is an infamous tale of heroism and tragedy. It is one of the most detailed tales that’s survived since the Viking Age and it’s been captivating audiences for many generations. This specific version of the tale is told through a Germanic perspective, written by a German-American immigrant from the early 1900s and adapted for English speakers. My immediate thoughts behind wanting to do this project has more to do with legacy than it does my own personal enjoyment. Much like Baldwin states in his dedication, I, too, intend for this book to be enjoyed by my children; giving them a perspective into their hereditary past and sharing the tales that their ancestors might have over a fire on a cold night. 



The original book was not in the worst shape. It’s held up over the years and there was a great look to it. Given time, though, it would have suffered the fate that many books have from that period. The front illustration is in wonderful condition and still has a magical appearance to it. I decided to keep the original image and use it as an inlay for the front cover. 

The spine was decorated with a fine Morocco and treated with 24k gold tooling to accent the panels and raised bands. I stamped a small gold flower between the title and author section of the decorated panel.


The result felt both natural and stylish, emphasizing the already existing beauty in the work. The only true change I needed to make came in the form of the endleaf, where I needed to combine the free pages from the front and back in order to make a complete picture for the front only. The back endleaf was substituted for acid-free black paper. The inlay came out perfectly, matching up with the raised boards almost seamlessly. This is an important aspect when considering inlays or any decoration on the front cover. Any part of the book that is protruding in some way can become a friction point over time, ultimately decreasing the life of the book significantly.

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The Story of Siegfried


Full leather binding | Inlay | Gold stamping