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Darth Vader

About the Project

This is a first for me and what a fun project it turned out to be! The entire collection of the Darth Vader 2015 series, written by Kieron Gillen and Illustrated by Salvador Laroca and Edgar Delgado, is now compiled into a single leather-bound volume. 


I decided to keep the design to a minimum and showcase the fine Morocco leather used to encapsulate this tome, with a shined finish meant to evoke the terrifying suit of armor that encases the Dark Lord of the Sith. For the spine decoration, I used 24k gold leaf for the title and year while using a blood red metallic leaf for the raised bands. I’ve never used colored metal before and it turned out wonderful.


This book is both beautiful and formidable at the same time. The classically elegant style of traditional bookbinding brings these comics together in one place, yet the size and look are reflective of Darth Vader himself. This is only the first volume I’ve done but I suspect I’ll be doing more of these. There are three series in total and I can’t wait to begin bringing the full set together.

Until then, enjoy!

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Darth Vader Comic Book


Full leather binding | Gold stamping | Colored Metallic Leaf