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Clamshell Enclosure
A Pima Remembers

About the Project

Sometimes we’d like to have custom work done on a treasured book in our library, however, that may not be the best way forward. A clamshell enclosure is a bedrock expression in the fine binding world and I am excited to begin offering it as a viable option. 


This project came about simply because of a desire to expand my horizons and better serve my clientele. Over the years I’ve been asked to work on many books, however, there have been some people that I had to refuse a refer them to a more capable binder – depending on the needs of the project – and I’ve often thought to myself that a clamshell or slipcase would’ve been the perfect answer.

So, I began experimenting! I own a good assortment of books on bookbinding and pieced together the techniques that fit my style and needs. Additionally, I leaned on my dear friends in the bookbinding world, all of whom were so kind and thoughtful in their responses to my questions.

The project turned out to be a huge success, with many lessons and notes I can take into my future work in this arena. With practice I know I will not only improve but I can help more people/collectors in the wider community.


We are excited to begin working with you. Boston Harbor Bookbindery is experienced in designing custom, one-of-a-kind books for each client.

Whether you’d like to restore a family heirloom, re-bind a personal favorite, or print a book from scratch; we have just what you need to make your dreams a reality.


Clamshell Enclosure


Full leather binding | Gold Leaf stamping